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Welcome to the Home of Fluffy

Thank you for visiting and as you may have guessed my name is Fluffy and I have been clowning professionally since 2003.  My interest in the past has always been theatre and the arts back to high school and university.  Before my clown years I found myself helping out in many community events, a number of them that were put on by the JCI Fort Erie (Fort Erie Junior Chamber of Commerce).  It was JCI Fort Erie (Jaycees) that actually gave me my name and I have since performed at their annual Easter Egg Hunts.

I am a Happy Clown, (as there are many different types of clowns being funny, scary, sad and silly) and my main focus is making a wide variety of balloon animals, figures and twists.  Please visit my picture page for some examples of my work.

I have had the priviledge of performing for many various festivals and events in Southern Ontario and performed at such places as ZooZ's in Stevensville, Fort Erie Friendship Festival, RidgeFest, Breast Cancer Foundation, Tender Wishes, Cystic Fibrosis, to name a few, also local parades and many many many Birthday and Christmas Parties.

It has been a real treat for me to continue my art performing and at the same time enjoy the laughter and fun with children and adults in the community.  I hope to meet you at one of the events I am performing at (usually advertised in the local papers) or you can book Fluffy for your own event or party or personalized singing clown-a-gram. Treat your child to a smile and a special balloon from Fluffy.

It is not easy to amuse the children when your holding a Christmas party or special event and I believe this is where FLUFFY can help by entertaining and amusing the children, while the adults can socialize and enjoy being entertained in watching the children meet Fluffy.



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